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I am oringially from New Orleans.This is not a prank or a joke.I have been in houston since 7 am monday morning with my boyfriend and my two best friends we have barely any clothes with us and money is running out fast.I am asking that if anybody can help us please do i am beginning you.I found this community a while ago on my lj through a search of the band,the start.Please email me with anything we mainly need clothes but money food etc. will be greatly taken.I am leaving my email that you can get in touch with me.This is not a joke.My home was in Violet,Louisana.Those pictures you see on Tv and in the newspaper of homes with 12 or more feet of water in them in where my house is.We have literally nothing left to us.Even just an email that let's me know that people are thinking about it will brighten our days.We haven't even be able to get in touch with most of our friends and family members.My Email is
My name is Kitty and i am 19 years old.

please help

I have just started a new community called f_f_d Films for dummies and basically it is commentaries on film that we love and hate. I would really like a bigger selection of films to add to the itinery, I would appreciate some help, if anyone is intersted just sign up and suggest a commentary that you would like to do. I hope this isn't treading on anyone's toes here, but I thought it would be better to come to the source rather than scout around the place for people who don't really get anime in general.


Hi I wanted to tell you about my community. It's for anybody to talk about anyting. It is really starting to grow. It's called bored_punks.
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